Do you need a simple but professional website?

Start to be part of the universe of code with a single page site taking advantage of the functions and features of a professional, custom and highly scalable website design. Grow without limits.

When do I need a one page website?

If you don’t have too much information to transmit and you want to offer a seamless and intuitive user experience.  The aim is to provide just the right amount of data for the user to make a decision and act on it. Is the perfect solution for sites with a single purpose.

What can I show in there?

A single page consists in the creation of a website consisting of a single URL, which will be the home.  Will describe who you’re, what you do, and everything that can add value to your product or service. We also place a call to action and a contact or registration form.


The advantages that a one page website can bring to you

Trust with professionalism

Brief but accurate communication. Good alternative to show your business profile and persuade the user to trust our proposal.

Limit your starting budget

Save money in developing a professional website, without sacrificing the quality and functionality that web design service can offer.


By calling to action, the user will be encouraged to contact you, thus increasing the possibility of new potential customers.

Manage the site yourself

You will be able to self-manage your website. You can do small changes to the text and images, as well as some design actualizations.


WordPress allow you to later transform your one page into a company, e-commerce or an e-learning website, keeping results obtained.


All websites must comply with international data protection regulations and privacy rules, to avoid receiving in the future fines and penalties.

The greatest characteristics of one page website.

Keys in your hand

The website will remain in your sole possession upon completion of our work.

Security and GDPR

We protect your page by applying all security protocols.

Structured text

Structured  webpage text that helps you in Google Search rank.


We adapt the website for small screens such as smartphones and tablets.

user friendly

We create an intuitive visitor experience when interacts with the web page.

Quick loading

We configure the settings to ensure a fast navigation when visiting the web.

Take a look to the plans we created for you

All the plan & prices are subjected to modifications dependending on your particular needs.

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